Patchy - an extension of Mantis

Patchy is an extension of the Mantis Bugtracker to allow submission of patches for bugs. It also incorporates hooks for any automated testing that a local installation may have. Developers can submit patches through the "View Issue" pages. Patches can then be automatically extracted and tested by external software (Ant tasks in our case). Lead developers can then view this pretested patch list (through a new "View Patches" menu item in the top bar) and approve or reject patches.
Live Demo
The current version of Patchy, running as a live demo, can be found here: Patchy
You can use the guest account (username: guest, password: guest) to submit issues and patches and view/accept/reject patches.
The code is in pre-alpha stage of development, when one or two more mechanisms are completed, error checking and authorisation priviliges will be next to go in. The privilige system will integrate as closely with the existing Mantis system as possible. Also, the version running here is Mantis 0.19.4, we'll move on to 1.0.0 very shortly.
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The Patchy Sourceforge Project - The latest news, current release and Subversion Repository access are all here, please feel free to look at the project and comment. More developers are welcome, especially anybody who would like to jazz up this web page!
Download the source code and documentation
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